Transylvania to remain under wintry siege, rest of country slightly warmer

Romania’s coldest spot, Miercurea Ciuc, was hit with minus 26°C air temperatures and almost minus 30°C close to the ground, making December 30 the coldest day of the 2012 winter so far.

In Transylvania, the weather will remain cold until mid January, with negative minimum temperatures, according to a two week forecast – December 31, 2012 to January 13, 2013- published by the National Meteorology Administration. Until January 3, the area will remain under the frost threshold. Average daytime temperatures will rise a little over zero degrees until January 8, only to fall back in the following days.

The atmosphere is likely to get slightly warmer in most of the other areas of the country, with very low chances of rain or snow until January 3. After that date, light rain and occasional sleet are likely to fall.

Adapted from Romania-insider