Snow and blizzard conditions all over Romania, from December 5

The National Meteorology Administration issue, a weather information of snow and blizzards, valid across the country starting with the morning of December 5.

Thus, on Dec. 5, beginning with 6:00 hrs local time, precipitation started to fall predominantly as snow, and the snow layer will be deposited mainly in southwestern, central, northern country and in the mountains zone. 

Rain is forecast for historical provinces of Moldova (east), Muntenia (south) and Dobrogea (south-east), which, during the night of December 5 to 6, will turn into sleet and snow. 

As well, on December 6, up to 18:00 hrs local time, snowfalls are mainly expected in Moldova and in the Eastern Carpathians zone. Winds will intensify especially in eastern and mountainous zones, with speeds that will locally exceed 60 km / h.

Adapted from Agerpres