French project to construct downhill skiing track in Mestia, Georgia suspended

There is no danger of tourist season disruption in Mestia. In contrast to experts’ estimates, all four hotels that operate in the resort, are booked, and in January a sharp increase in the number of tourists is expected.

Part of the experts believe that no campaigns to attract tourists were held in November, which may lead to the failure of the season in winter resorts. Meanwhile, according to Mestia’s local government head Mr. Kapiton Zhorzholiani, foreign tourists have already come for rest. During the season the resort can accommodate a total of 400 to 500 guests.

However, according to Mr. Zhorzholiani, French-sponsored construction of downhill skiing track still has not been completed.

Zhorzholiani did not say anything about the reasons for the construction suspension, and only said that construction works had been halted almost two months ago.

 English translation by BSN

Adapted from:Business Gruzija