Transnistrian parliament adopts 2013 budget

The Transnistrian parliament [supreme soviet] has approved the region’s budget for 2013. According to the document, the spending exceeds almost twice the expected revenues.

Speaker of the Transnistrian parliament, Mikhail Burla admitted that he was surprised by the proposal to review the budget, made by prime minister Pyotr Stepanov. Burla said that the region’s economy may encounter serious problems if the new financial year is started without an established budget.

The supreme soviet will submit the approved budget to Transnistrian leader Yevgeny Shevchuk. This year, the budget was elaborated under a new methodology.

The revenues to the Transnistrian budget will stand at 1.752 billion rubles (US$157.8 million), whereas the spending – at 3.349 billion rubles (US$301.7 million). Thus, the region’s deficit will exceed US$143 million.

Adapted from Infotag