Anthrax outbreak ends in Armenia

10:04 10.12.2012

Armenian Healthcare Minister Derenik Dumanyan said that the anthrax virus had been localized. Not a single anthrax case has been registered in the last two weeks, compared with 15 cases in the last months, News Armenia reports.

The ministry registered 55 symptoms of anthrax, only 10 of which were confirmed as the disease.

21 people with anthrax symptoms were hospitalized in the Gegarkuniksky Region of Armenia. A local from Ushi in the Aragatsotnskaya Region was hospitalized with anthrax in early November. Cases of animals with anthrax were registered in the Tavushakaya and Armavirskaya Regions.

Spores of anthrax may survive for up to 100 years in soil.

Adapted from: Vestnik Kavkaza