Bucharest Literature Festival welcomes ten internationally renowned writers this year

British writers such as Jonathan Cow, Will Self and Andrew Cowan will be among the guests at the International Literature Festival Bucarest (FILB). The event will be at the Muzeul Taranului (The Peasant Museum) in Bucharest from December 5 to 8.

This year’s event features 10 important names in modern literature: five British writers – Jonathan Coe, Will Self, Andrew Cowan, George Szirtes (Hungarian-born British writer), Kei Miller (British writer of Jamaican origin) – as well as Russian writer Gherman Sadulaev, an important representative of the Macedonian literary scene – Goce Smilevski, Swedish writer of Syrian origin Daniel Boyacioglu and two writers from Hungary – Papp Sandor Zsigmond and Matyas Dunajcsik.

Public reading sessions will be held daily starting 18,00 during the festival.

The International Literature Festival from Bucharest (FILB), a project initiated by Boca Oana Bogdan – Alexandru Stanescu, Ioana Gruenwald and Vasile Ernu, is an independent project which started in October 2008. It is an international event dedicated to literature that aims to put Bucharest on the map of European cultural events.

Adapted from Romania-insider