Tropical plants in Chisinau Botanic garden threatened by low air temperatures

Rare varieties of tropical plants that grow in the Botanic Garden of the Moldovan Academy of Science, in Chisinau, may freeze because of low air temperatures.

According to the Director of the Moldovan Botanic Garden, Alexandru Teleuta, «about 2.6 thousand rare tropical plants growing in greenhouses may freeze because the boiler has broken.»

The boiler had been previously repaired, but now it is totally out of order. Plants need high air temperatures of at least 14-15 degrees. Today, the temperature in greenhouses was only 11 degrees Celsius.

In his words, previously, the Moldovan Academy of Sciences offered material assistance to the institution, by earmarking 50 thousand lei for the payment of gas rates for heating.

«This time, we asked for the support of the Government, but have not received an answer yet. The plants must be urgently rescued. A new boiler costs 800 thousand lei. Neither the Botanic Garden, nor the Moldovan Academy of Sciences have this sum,» he stressed.

Adapted from Infotag