TURKPA countries start legal integration

A meeting of the TURKPA Commission on Legal Affairs is being held in Baku. It is attended by representatives from Azerbaijan, Turkey, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

The chairman of the Commission, Haluk Ipek (Turkey), delivered the keynote speech at the meeting. The agenda of the meeting includes regulations of the parliaments of TURK PA member states, the authorities of MPs and cooperation on legislative issues among the TURKPA countries.

It was decided that the next Parliamentary Assembly of Turkic speaking states is due to take place in Astana in 2013. The agenda of the upcoming session will include the integration of transport systems and economic cooperation between the TurkPA member states.

In addition, the participants of the session in Baku discussed reports about the regulation of the parliaments of the member-states and the powers of deputies, as well as cooperation in the legislative sphere. On the results of the discussions, a member of the commission, Milli Majlis deputy of Azerbaijan Chingiz Ganizade, will prepare recommendations for the fourth plenary session of TurkPA due to be held in Turkey in 2013.

During the Baku session, some expressed the desire to see representatives of Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan as observers.

Adapted from Vestnik Kavkaza