Ghost bridge, leading to a dead-end and worth 560 million rubles, was built in Adygea

Public officials sent a large amount from the republican budget for the construction of a highway bridge, leading to a dead-end.

This large highway bridge in the Krasnogvardeysk district of Adygea was built to connect the ancestral village of Aslan Tkhakushinov, the President of the Republic, with the adjacent Krasnodar Krai. However, according to Life News, the construction resulted into a ghost bridge, abutting to the thick forest.

To implement the idea of this bridge construction, the best experts of the Republic developed a special project – «Construction of the Ulyap – Tenginskaya highway», submitted to the Federal Target Program «Modernization of the Russian transport system» (2002-2012).

Soon a large group of law enforcement experts has landed to the ghost bridge. They have thoroughly studied all design documents and analyzed all costs. The public prosecutor’s inspection has resulted into a number of financial discrepancies, amounting to 218240 rubles.

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