Marculesti airdrome may go bankrupt because of 11-million-lei insurance appears

The unwillingness of the administration of the Marculesti international airport to pay the insurance costs for the past five years has pushed the state-run enterprise to the brink of insolvency, which may arouse and international scandal.

According to MoldAsig, under a ruling of the Supreme Court of Justice, about 11 million lei is to be collected in insurance arrears from Marculesti international airport.

«This is the overall sum of administration’s arrears on 84 insurance agreements concluded with MoldAsig over the past five years. In connection with the administration refusal to fulfill the decision of the Supreme Court of Justice and to pay the debt, the Balti Court of Appeal has started proceedings on its insolvency and appointed an independent external administrator,» says the document. 

Its authors state that MoldAsig has always made concessions to the administration of Marculesti international airport, taking into account the importance of this airdrome for Moldova’s infrastructure. Thus, MoldAsig «has always paid taxes under these agreements and serviced international agreements on the insurance of aviation risks.»

«All the outstanding payments refer to the greatest insurance risk, under the contracts of Marculesti international airport – carrying out air transport services under UN mandate within the framework of the peacekeeping operation in Afghanistan. MoldAsig insurances allowed the administration of Marculesti international airport servicing international peacekeeping forces in the zone of military operations. In its turn, the administration of Marculesti international airport was receiving compensations for the spending of international company accredited by the UN. Yet, after receiving the money, the Marculesti airdrome has further refused to pay the debts,» says MoldAsig. 

Director General of MoldAsig Insurance Company, Vitalie Bodea said that «this incident bears strong reputational risks, not only for the Marculesti international airport, but for the entire country.»

He denied the accusations brought by Marculesti administrator Sergiu Ciobanu, who stated that the state-run enterprise has been subjected to a raider seizure attempt.

«We are interested only in the fulfillment of financial commitments under the insurance agreements. Meanwhile, the administration of Marculesti international airport is trying to bilk the insurance company. Without being aware of the current risks implied by such statements, the administration misleads the public opinion and uses the slanderous measures of black PR,» says Bodea. 

He promised to inform the UN and the company accredited by this organization, on the current situation and on the insurance arrears of the Marculesti international airport. 

Adapted from Infotag


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