Global wheat reserves crisis as the reason to rise bread’s prices in Georgia

According to Levan Silagava, Manager of Association of Bakery Foods and Wheat Producers, the rise in bread’s prices is caused by a serious crisis in wheat reserves at the global market.

«Our major suppliers are Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan. The drought periods coincided with the wheat harvesting, and the crop yield went down. For instance, Russia harvested 95 million tons last year, but this year they have gathered only 68 millions. The Committee on World Food Security annually publishes information on the existing grain reserves in the countries, and all of them have unfavorable situation. The last year’s global wheat harvest was 696 million tons, and according to the data, published in October, this year’s harvest has amounted to 653 million tons», – Silagava has commented.

Several days ago the bread prices in Georgia went up by 5-10 tetri.

English Translation by BSN
Adapted from Business GRUZIJA


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