Companies failing to meet rehabilitation works' deadlines in Moldova likely to be fined

The Transports and Road Infrastructure Ministry /MTID/ has announced that foreign companies rehabilitating Moldovan roads are likely to pay fines amounting to 0.05 per cent of the total contract cost each day, for failure to meet the deadlines of the works, according to the ministry's press release.

Thus, the Italian company responsible for rehabilitating the segment Peresecina-Cismea and Cismea-Saratenii Vechi, is liable to a 6315.5-euros-fine per day and a 2302.2-euros-fine per day respectively. The Romanian company restoring the segment Balti-Sangerei is likely to pay a 3712.8-euros-fine per day, while the Portuguese consortium restoring the segment Chisinau-Hancesti is liable to a 3955.9-euros-fine per day.

The MTID ascertains that major delays have been registered so far, as regards the rehabilitation of the two segments of the national road M2 Chisinau-Soroca, performed by the Italian company. According to the signed contract, the road was going to be opened for traffic on 11 November 2012. Given the stances of a request submitted by the Italian entrepreneur, the deadline of the works was prolonged until 14 December 2012. The reason for this change is the increase in the amount of work because of the significant deterioration of the road system.

Technical experts of the State Road Administration perform systematic controls of the works' quality on all the rehabilitation sites. Foreign entrepreneurs are responsible for repairing all the irregularities that have been tracked down.

Adapted from Moldpres


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