Bulgaria's visible trade of agricultural goods with Russia increases

At a round table in Bulgaria’s embassy to Moscow Minister of Agriculture and food Dr. Miroslav Naydenov pointed out that in 2011 this country had exported for Russia agricultural goods to the tune of USD 64 mln. and the export till end-2012 would amount to USD 80 mln.

«Visible trade may be doubled as of next year», – the minister said. CEO of the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency Dr. Yordan Voinov voiced at the round table that currently there was a mission in Bulgaria of the Russian phytosanitary and veterinary service for approving of Bulgarian export companies. Their number up to date is 38, three of those milk processing ones.

«We hope that after the mission the number of companies that trade with Russia will increase by 50 percent», – Dr. Voinov went on to say.

Adapted from Bulgarian National Radio