Sochi will ban downtown entry for vehicles from other cities

Sochi authorities, together with the Austrian company, are now designing a new concept on resort’s transport infrastructure development.

The entry of private vehicles to Sochi downtown will be limited. At the same time the number of public transport vehicles will be increased. Sochi residents and guests will get to the downtown by buses, leaving their private vehicles at parking lots.

“The central part of Sochi needs strict regulation of traffic flows. That is why a large intercepting parking lot will be launched on the territory of current Navaginka sewage treatment facilities. No entry to the Sochi downtown by vehicles from other cities will be allowed. On the other hand, the city will design a public transport ring, where buses will drive along Gorky, Constitution, Ordzhonikidze, Chernomorskaya streets, and the Kurortny Avenue. If you need to get to the downtown, you can leave your car at the intercepting parking lot and take a bus”, – Anatoliy Pakhomov, the Sochi Mayor, has informed.