Romania breaks record for largest salad in the world

Romania officially holds the world record for the biggest salad in the world. The salad weight 19 tonnes and was prepared last week-end in Pantelimon, at the opening of the Exporom exhibition area.

Over 1,100 volunteers worked on creating the salad, which weights 6 tonnes more than the previous world record, set in 2010 in Greece. Volunteers worked for seven hours, using 23 tonnes of ingredients. The Guinness World Record representative Seyda Subasi Gemici attended the event near Bucharest on Sunday, September 23, and confirmed the record.

The salad bowl was 18 meters long, almost 3 meters wide and 53 centimeters deep. The majority of ingredients for the salad were made in Romania, apart from the iceberg lettuce, olives and olive oil.

Tourists from the US, Slovakia, Serbia and Bulgaria were among the volunteers who prepared the salad.

After Guinness confirmed the record, the salad was shared with the people who attended the event and distributed to those in need- orphanages, shelters, while the vegetable garbage was donated to a livestock farm in Pantelimon.

Adapted from Romania-insider


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