Spa tourism in Romania: Massive potential wasted through poor promotion

About a million tourists visit Romania’s spa resorts each year, said Nicu Radulescu, president of the employers’ organization of spa tourism in Romania.

«Spa tourism varies between 800,000 and a million visitors per year, with 10 percent represented by international tourists. The traditional markets are decreasing due to the fact that Israel has had some problems- political ones», – said Radulescu.

According to Radulescu, spa tourism is Romania is confronting two major problems. There are important spa resources; some are unique in Europe, such as the volcanic mofette gases, but they are not exploited, which keeps Romania out of the top echelons of Europe. There is also a highly qualified labor force, a very strong spa medical sector, but again it is not well promoted.

On the other hand, the investors don’t benefit from a strong partnership with the Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism, or facilities, given that the upgrading of a three star hotel costs more than EUR five million and the return of the investment is over 15-20 years.

Radulescu said that tourism employers are keen to collaborate with the Ministry of Development and the Ministry of Health, and that this could result in the development of the first real spa resorts in 4-5 years.

Adapted from Romania-Insider


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