More than 300 cases of viral meningitis registered in Romania, on the border with Ukraine

From the end of May 2012 in Suchava county registered 330 cases of viral meningitis. This was informed by the Romanian media, reports UNN.

During the last week in the hospital of Suceava with a diagnosis acute viral meningitis were brought seven patients aged from 4 to 23 years.

Romanian media reported as one of the patients - a child under the age of 4 years from the city of Gura Humorului. Two others - children aged 5 years and one child 10 years old.

From three hundred patients, most are children and teenagers.

It is reported that the Department of Health recommends that enterprises Suceava and especially schools and pre-schools to strengthen the enforcement of sanitary standards.

Let us recall that Suchava county borders the Chernivtsi region of Ukraine.

According to SES Chernivtsi region in the Region over the past few months have not had a single case of viral meningitis.

However, doctors recommend particular care in compliance with the rules of hygiene, in particular be sure to wash your hands before eating and after living on the street, use a disinfectant, often ventilate the room thoroughly wash fruits and vegetables.

Adapted from UNN