HVS: Tourist flow to Georgia and the CIS countries will annually grow by 3% at the average

HVS Company forecasts the growth of the tourist flow to Georgia by 3% a year at the average within the next few years.

Such statement is a part of the «Hotel market of Russia, the CIS, and Georgia. Trends and perspectives» report.

Despite irregular and quite expensive air transport to some areas of the region, as well as the prolonged visa issuance procedure, the growth rate for travelers to Russia, the CIS, and Georgia from abroad has been at the 3-percent level for the last 5 years and will remain at the same level for the next few years.

Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan receive the greatest number of tourists, comparing with their neighbors – Georgia and Azerbaijan, which get approximately 1.5 million travelers a year, while Armenia host less than 600 thousands.

The perspectives promise the annual growth rate of up to 5% in the whole region, but the especially appreciable growth is predicted for Georgia.

Adapted from Business Georgia