Tourists from Israel enjoy the Danube Delta

On September 16 Council of the Tulcea county arranged a workshop in partnership with the Association of the sea coast and the Danube Delta. 

Invited to the workshop were representatives of Israeli tour companies, Tulcea trade unions and public authorities, president of Romanian-Israeli Chamber of Commerce Mr. Armand Scholl.

«Until now, the Romanian government does not make notice of the fact that the Danube Delta
can be a favourite place of holidays for tourists from Israel. In Israel they know Romania only by
Brașov and Sinaia. The Delta is unknown at all. In Israel, they want to stage the day of the
Delta in Tel Aviv. Most probably, next February, at the largest tourism fair in Israel» – said Mr.
Armand Scholl during the discussion on tourism.

The discussion’s participants agreed that in order to attract thousands of Israeli tourists to the
Danube Delta, the infrastructure needed to be developed. Chairman of the county Council Mr.
Horia Teodorescu said after the meeting that special attention was to be paid to the local airport,
which would receive tourist charter flights weekly.

English translation BSN
Adapted from Orasul-tulcea