Crimean War museum will be opened in Eupatoria /PHOTO/

The museum will be located on Revolution street, 61. Preparations are now under way to repair the premises of the future museum, works are funded from the city budget.

Draft of exhibition halls’ decoration is under development, the City Council press service

One of the museum exhibits will be a replica of the Crimean War ship «Henry IV» - the largest
warship which came to Eupatoria to disembark the allied troops.

Photo by Eupatoria City Council press-centre

The ship’s replica will be part of the wall of one of the museum’s halls. It is being crafted
by artists of the Gromovs studio. They recreate the military vessel by old photographs and
descriptions. The replica is being crafted out of armoured concrete and plaster cast. It will be
decorated with wooden parts and real sails. The work is planned to be finished this week, and the
museum will open in October.

Electrified relief colour map of the war will be installed in the museum.



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