Poti City Hall specially for BSNews/ Discussion of 2103 year Budget of the self-Governing Poti City together with CSOs and NGOs / PHOTO

05:55 15.04.2012

April 12 on the public meeting the self-Government of Poti City developed a 2013 year budget draft of Poti city according to priorities.

The main emphasis was put on the ensuring attractive investment environment in Poti, improving the existed infrastructure and socio-economic conditions of population as well as tackling the environmental issues and promotion of tourism.

According to the organizers of the meeting during the public discussion it was very important to cooperate and share the opinions on budget development.

The Mayor of the self-Governing Poti City Mr. Vakhtang Lemonjava remarked that in frames of USA project the self-Government together with the NGOs discussed the priorities of 2013 year budget. “During today’s public meeting some trends important for consideration of public opinion during the budget development have emerged”.

The meeting was organized by the program of the USA International Development Agency - “Democratic Governance in Georgia”.

Poti City Hall specially for BSNews

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