Subsistence level in Moldova made about US$120 in 1H2013

The minimum cost of subsistence made 1,608 lei (US$123) per month, in the 1H2013. According to the National Statistics Bureau, the amount of minimum cost of living in Moldova varies according to the place of residence. In Chisinau and Balti, it stands at 1,692 lei – 2.9% more than in other cities (1,644 lei) and 8.3% more than in rural areas (1,563 lei).

The highest cost of living is recorded among the able-bodied population and stands at 1,700 lei. Moreover, this figure is higher for men – 1,838 lei than for women – 1,553 lei. As for the children, the reasonable subsistence line varies from 591 lei (for children below the age of one) to 1,724 lei (for children aged 7-16).

According to the National Statistics Bureau, the lowest income level for survival is for retirees and stands at 1,341 lei. With account for the average pensions recorded as of July 1 – 1,020 lei, the minimum cost of subsistence is covered at only 76.1%.

The average household disposable income in Moldova – 1,613 lei exceeds by only five lei the minimal living wage in the country.

Infotag’s dossier: In 2012, the minimum level of subsistence in Moldova stood at 1,507 lei on average.

Adapted from Infotag


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