Turkish Embassy in Sofia sealed off after car self-crash

Police has sealed off the region close to the Turkish Embassy in downtown Sofia after the driver of an Audi car rammed into the diplomatic building.

The incident occurred slightly after 1.30 pm on Thursday.

The driver is a Bulgarian citizen, aged 35. He has been arrested.

The Embassy is located on the busy boulevard "Vasil Levski", near the junction of "Graf Ignatiev" street and "Patriarch Evtimii” boulevard.

The driver seems to have deliberately taken a sharp turn right into the diplomatic building, witnesses say.

"I heard a loud noise and ran out into the street to see what is happening. A policeman took out his pistol, went to the car and arrested the driver. The man had not suffered any injuries,” a woman, living nearby, explained.

After the apparent self-crash the car actually came to a halt after being stopped by the heavy iron gates at the embassy entrance.

Adapted from novinite