Black Sea Silk Road trail: new cross-border cooperation project in Armenia, Georgia, Turkey and Greece

A project launched under the EU-funded Black Sea Cross-Border Cooperation Programme aims to boost economic development along the Black Sea Silk Road trail through Armenia, Georgia, Turkey and Greece, by tackling poverty, lack of jobs, isolation and contact with the outside world in communities that adjoin cultural and natural monuments of significance. Most of these problems could be alleviated through increased tourism and development of infrastructure and services for tourists, the project says
The Black Sea - Silk Road Corridor (BSSRC) project aims to improve local services and products at communities along the trail, through increased awareness, tourism and promotion. The combined resources of four countries are the remarkable history, natural beauty and authentic cultural makeup of the region. The project uses all these assets and highlights the common cultural interests of states while celebrating their diversity.
Seminars and workshops are planned as part of the project, as well as various events and promotional presentations to local, regional and national tourism industries, associations and authorities, and community members. People from each country and cross-border regions will be encouraged to attend and participate in these festival events, further encouraging dialogue, exchange of culture and understanding.
The 24-month project is funded under the Black Sea Cross-Border Cooperation Programme.

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