First double-deck train sent to Sochi

The plans are to use this train at the railway from Moscow to Adler, including the transportation of Sochi Olympics 2014 participants and guests.

According to the Tver Railcar Production Plant, the first double-deck train consists of 15 wagons: 12 compartment cars, a staff one, a sleeping car, and a restaurant car.

The new sleeping car with four-person compartments has 64 sleeping beds; a sleeping car with two-person compartments has 30 beds; while the staff car has 50 beds (including 2 specially equipped beds for transportation of people with limited abilities and their attendants). The dining room of the restaurant car, located at the second deck, can host a total 48 visitors, and 6 more people can stay at the first deck bar.

By the end of 2013 the Tver Plant will supply 50 double-deck cars to the Russian railways for long-distance trains — three trains and a reserve one.

The maximum operation speed for these trains is 160 km/hour.

English translation by BSN

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