Bulgaria's Energy Minister: Diversification, Security of Gas Are Top Priorities

Economy and Energy Minister Dragomir Stoynev has assured representatives of the "Trans Adriatic Pipeline", TAP, project, that the Bulgarian government considers gas supply diversification a top priority.

"Bulgaria should consider TAP as an extremely important project for achieving a diversification of gas supplies to countries in Southeast European countries, including gas shipments from the Caspian region," Stoynev stated during a Tuesday meeting with representatives of TAP, according to the press office of Bulgaria's Ministry of Economy and Energy.

"The project for the construction of the Trans Adriatic Pipeline may turn into a key source of gas supplies for Bulgaria through an association with the Bulgaria-Greece gas grid interconnection. The implementation of the reverse-flow gas link with Bulgaria's southern neighbor will achieve a true diversification of gas supply sources for Bulgaria," he emphasized.

"This will also provide the opportunity for receiving gas supplies through the Southern Gas Corridor," Stoynev noted, adding that Bulgaria was also working on the implementation of reverse-flow gas grid interconnections with Turkey, Romania and Serbia.

According to the media statement of Bulgaria's Economy and Energy Ministry, the Bulgaria - Greece gas grid interconnection project (IGB) has received an environmental clearance and is currently being designed.

The project has reached the stage of approval of route and sites and designing.

Therefore, the participants in the TAP project will be aware of the terms under which natural gas is supplied to Bulgaria and Southeast European countries before the start of shipments.

Adapted from Novinite