Constitutional Court Confirms Legality of Bulgarian Elections

Bulgaria's Constitutional Court has found no grounds to cancel the results of May 12 early general elections, announced the court Tuesday.

The plea was tabled by MPs from former ruling party GERB, who claimed there was a rampant violation on a no campaigning requirement on the day before the vote, the so-called reflection day.

The Constitutuional Court's decision was taken with 11 votes "for" and 1 '"against."

The motives are yet to be published, but it was made clear that the court has not found violations fundamental enough to compromise the entire vote.

The GERB plea relates to events following the incident when on the day before the election law enforcement agencies uncovered some 300,000 surplus ballots, apparently produced illegally at a printing house.

This led other parties to call press briefings on reflection day, at which they suggested that the former ruling party was preparing to rig the vote.

The investigation of the so-called fake ballots scandal is currently under way at Bulgaria's prosecution.

Although GERB once again came out first after the vote, with 97 MPs out of 240, it found itself in isolation from other parties, and was unable to form a cabinet.

Adapted from Novinite