New IMF mission visits Moldova

Prime Minister Iurie Leanca today held a meeting with representatives of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The officials discussed aspects of bilateral cooperation for the next period, being particularly approached issues included on the IMF mission’s agenda, which is on a visit to Moldova on 19-24 June, the government’s communication and media relations department has reported.

Deputy Prime Minister, Economics Minister Valeriu Lazar, Finance Minister Veaceslav Negruta, Education Minister Maia Sandu, Labour, Social Protection and Family Minister Valentina Buliga, Agriculture and Food Industry Minister Vasile Bumacov, Health Minister Andrei Usatii and the governor of the Moldovan National Bank, Dorin Dragutanu, also attended the event.

At the beginning of the meeting, the head of the previous four-year-lasting IMF missions to Moldova, Nikolay Gueorguiev, presented the new mission’s team led by Max Alier, employee of the IMF European Department. Gueorguiev specified that, in the months to come, the IMF Permanent Office in Moldova would suffer some staff changes as well.

Gueorguiev congratulated Leanca on his investiture in the post of prime minister, voicing hope that the new IMF mission would continue to openly and efficiently cooperate with the Moldovan government, so that, with joint efforts, to work out a new cooperation programme, which would ensure the implementation of the set goals.

„The main objectives are the maintenance of the macroeconomic stability and the promotion of reforms in the Republic of Moldova, actions that will ensure economic growth, which, at its turn, will create a solid ground for increasing people’s living standard,” Gueorguiev said.

The new head of the IMF mission to Moldova, Max Alier, stressed that the institution he represented would further focus on issues of joint interest in order to overcome the challenges and to achieve the goals set in the cooperation with Moldova.

Leanca praised the Gueorguiev’s activity, expressing gratitude for his work and for the constant support provided to Moldova. At the same time, Leanca welcomed the new IMF mission and assured that the Moldovan government would continue to be open and cooperating in its relations with this important financial institution.

„The IMF’s objectives are equal to the ones of the Moldovan government – to ensure Moldova’s macroeconomic stability and its sustainable development. In this respect, we want to continue the efficient cooperation with the IMF, to ensure the necessary predictability for a constructive dialogue cooperation. Returning to normality as regards the ties with the IMF is very important and offers credibility to our country, including in the relation with other foreign partners,” Leanca said.

The cabinet’s members underlined the IMF’s importance and role in promoting reforms and in ensuring Moldova’s economic growth. In the context, Lazar stressed that, in spite of the latest challenges, Moldova had recorded an economic growth of 3.5 per cent, in the first quarter of 2013, as well as of the investment process. At the same time, Lazar specified that, for a sustainable development, it was necessary to elaborate an efficient policy that would diminish the negative effects of the foreign factors on the macroeconomic situation. In this sense, the expertise and assistance of the IMF partners is of special importance for Moldova.

On 19-24 June, the IMF mission will hold discussions with the Moldovan authorities in order to assess Moldova’s macroeconomic situation, to revise the programme supported on the basis of the Extended Crediting Facility of the Extended Financing Facility, as well as to elaborate proposals for a new assistance programme.

Adapted from MOLDPRES