Toll set for new Romania – Bulgaria bridge opening

Tolls have been set for the new Calafat – Vidin bridge, connecting Romania to its neighbor Bulgaria, which is set to open on Friday, June 14.

Vehicles with 8+1 places, as well as merchandise transport cars under 3.7 tones will pay EUR 6 (RON 27) to cross the bridge, and the toll doubles for vehicles with over 9 seats – maximum 23 seats, as well as for trucks and lorries between 3.5 and 7.5 tones.

The toll will be of EUR 18 for merchandise transport between 7.5 and 12 tones. Buses with over 23 seats and trucks above 12 tones and with three axles will pay EUR 25. Trucks exceeding 12 tones but with four axes will pay EUR 37.

The toll, expressed and paid in RON when crossing the bridge, will be updated annually, depending on the exchange rate for the euro in the first day of October, as given by the European central Bank. The rate will apply from January 1 the next year.

Adapted from Romania-Insider