Romanian Verifiers complete tasks in Ukraine / PHOTO

The multinational inspection group of Romania completed inspection of areas in Zhytomyr, Rovno, and Khmelnitskyi Oblast.

According to the website of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, this inspection is to prove that no military activity in Ukraine subject to preliminary notification to all the OSCE countries is conducted.

This activity includes exercises involving at least 9,000 persons, or 250 tanks, or 500 combat armored vehicles, or 250 100-mm and over artillery systems.

The inspection area covered the military units of 8th and 13th Army Corps of Land Forces of Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The inspection group visited military units and completed helicopter flight over the inspection area.

The inspection group was headed by Col. Michal Manta – Chief of Verification Center of Romania, from the Ukrainian side the group was headed by Lt. Col. Vladyslav Ponomaryov, Senior Officer, Directorate of Verification of General Staff of Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The inspection was conducted under the events of confidence and security strengthening. The results of this inspection will be drawn in the standard report and submitted to all the OSCE nations.