Turkey to manufacture its own LSD

Mehmet Gokhan Koseoglu, Operations Director of HAVELSAN, a Turkish software and systems company, said on May 29, «the Directorate of the Defense Industry will shortly put manufacturing of a national landing ship dock (LSD) on its agenda, which would be composed of purely domestic design and software.»

Defining the manufacturing and delivery of the first national ship within the scope of project MILGEM (National Ship) by the Directorate of the Defense Industry in 2011 as a «turning point», Koseoglu added, «The first national ship has become one that does not miss any target.»

Announcing that they will produce a national LSD shortly, Koseoglu also declared that they started working on the production of the remaining 6 national ships, and plan a new project called «genuine helicopters.»

Adapted from Worldbulletin


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