Romanians protest against the shelf gas exploration in the southern part of the country

Thousands of Romanians have joined the demonstration against the American Chevron Company, which plans to explore the shelf gas in the southern part of the country. «No extraction», «Chevron, go home», and «No to the shelf gas!» – banners with such slogans could be found in the hands of the march participants.

Marchers have been outraged by the position of the Prime Minister Victor Ponta: he has cardinally changed his opinion on the «shelf gas revolution». In May he opposed the exploration of fields by the Americans, and in December he informed that he supported Chevron.

Chevron management believes that the poorest European country has a potential for shelf gas production. At that, the giant has promised that it will start all activities only subject to the approval from the official Bucharest, complying with all industry standards and the Romanian and EU legislation, RT informs.

English translation by BSN