Law on ensuring equality has split up Moldovan society - Amnesty International

The Law on Ensuring Equality, adopted by the Moldovan Parliament in May 2012, has split up the Moldovan society, thinks lawyer Victor Pinzaru, of the Amnesty International – Moldova.

He said at the presentation of an annual report on human rights that the «legislators are using this law for political purposes, being aware of the fact that the majority of people are against it.»

«The most frequently-recorded discrimination cases in Moldova are on sexual, ethnical and racial grounds. A recent example of discrimination is the Moldovan community of sexual minorities, which faced many problems, when it decided to conduct a gay pride march,» said Pinzaru.

According to data presented by him, about 20 cases of infringements of rights of LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) people have been recorded in Moldova, although he thinks that this figure is much higher.

«This happens because many people make fun of homosexuals and do not perceive them seriously. Only major and grave cases are submitted to courts, as usually, we have to gather information in secrecy and to prove that human rights have really been violated,» he said.  

The lawyer expressed hope that Moldova’s top leaders will read the report prepared by Amnesty International and will pay greater attention to the protection and observance of human rights.

Adapted from Infotag


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