Bulgaria to protest against the shale gas production in Romania

Dobrich Region has an intention to protest against the shale gas production in Romania at the border near the Bulgarian city of Durankulak.

According to Cynthia Nedyalkova (one of the Dobrich activists), it has become known that the American Chevron Company had received the permit for shale gas exploration in just 10 km from Durankulak, in the Romanian village Vama Veche: «We are truly worrying about the fact that if the company starts working there, it will have certain detrimental impact upon us here, in Bulgaria. As we have already explained, we and our neighbors both drink the same water – from the large subsoil lake...»

The activist has added that at present people from many cities all around Romania have already expressed their willingness to join this protest, Standart reports.

English translation by BSN


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