Sochi to host «Miss Diving of the World» contest

The «Miss Diving of the World» contest will be conducted in Sochi on May 18. The contest consists of several sections: sports, fashion, and a show program.

The sports section of the event will be represented with a special training program for underwater swimmers in accordance with programs of professional underwater swimming associations. The program provides for the execution of special underwater exercises by the participants, as well as the exhibition performance by underwater sports experts, and joint performance of divers and marine animals.

The fashion section consists of the following disciplines: fashion parade, performing skills, stage skills, dancing, choreography, shaping, and skills of work as a photo model at the podium and under the water.

Ladies aged 18 to 25 from Russia, Germany, the USA, and Israel will participate in the contest, ITAR-TASS Kuban informs.

English translation by BSN


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