Stefan Fule to pay private visit to Moldova this weekend

EU Commissioner for Enlargement and Neighborhood Policy Stefan Fule will come to Moldova at the end of this week, he stated in his interview with Radio Free Europe, stressing that this will be a private visit.   

According to yet a preliminary agenda, Stefan Fule will hold a series of meetings with Moldovan politicians and will attend the marking of the Europe Day in Chisinau.   

As already reported by Infotag, on May 3 Stefan Fule and Catherine Ashton, the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and Vice-President of the European Commission, signed a statement, in which they expressed their strong concern about the adoption of an amendment to the Law on the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Moldova, allowing removal of judges from the Constitutional Court if they do not have the «trust» of parliament.

After conversations with European officials, on May 8 President Nicolae Timofti refused to promulgate the said amendments to the Law on the Constitutional Court, and returned the document to Parliament for reconsideration. If the Parliament approves the said amendments for a second time, the head of state shall have to promulgate them.    

On May 9, President Timofti promulgated the rest 4 Laws, approved by the parliamentary Communist and Liberal Democratic factions on May 3, which were perceived by European partners as anti-democratic, namely the raising of electoral barrier for political parties to 6% from previous 4%, re-subordination of the National Anti-Corruption Center (NACC) to the Government, the powers of the Acting Prime Minister to dismiss Ministers and Heads of Institutions.     

In his interview with Radio Liberty in Prague, Stefan Fule stated that he is going to discuss these questions with the Republic of Moldova leadership and with the heads of political parties

«We constantly tell three things to Moldovan politicians:  firstly, please seal the genie back into the bottle and stop your feud that is based on very personal antipathies. Secondly, don’t pass any laws that would be obviously at odds with the spirit of European values and the European agenda. And thirdly, we reiterate our readiness to come to help at any time to all political parties in Moldova to help them shape at last a kind of reputation that would be in line with the general European spirit», said Stefan Fule.      

In his words, the realization of the «success story», which used to be talked about so much in Moldova, «depends to a larger extent on Moldovan politicians themselves».    

Adapted from Infotag


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