Gagauzia Popular Assembly demands quota in Moldovan Parliament

The Gagauzia Popular Assembly [region’s legislative body] demands that the Gagauz Autonomy been given a quota in the Moldovan Parliament, proportionally to the population size. According to the estimations of the GPA, there should be five Gagauz lawmakers in the Moldovan Parliament.   

In a recent statement, the Gagauzia Popular Assembly [GPA] has said that «otherwise, the legislative body of the Gagauz region will no longer participate in parliamentary elections in Moldova.»  

At the same time, the Gagauzia Popular Assembly has warned that the «patience of Gagauz people is not boundless and that the GPA may reconsider its consent for self-determination within the borders of the Republic of Moldova.»  

The GPA has expressed its regret over the fact that «since the adoption of the Law on the special legal status of Gagauzia and since its creation (June 1995), the autonomy has never been represented in the country’s Parliament.»

«The representative electoral system, according to which the Republic of Moldova is represented by one single electoral constituency (since 1994), is totally unfair and inaccurate towards the Gagauz people, as it does not allow them electing and delegating their authorized representatives in the country’s Parliament, for protecting the interests of the Gagauz region. As an autonomous territorial entity, Gagauzia is practically deprived of the real possibility to elect its regional and independent from central parties lawmakers in the Parliament,» says the statement.

The Gagauzia Popular Assembly also believes that «all the political parties that have participated in elections over the past 18 years are concentrated in Chisinau and are focused on their narrow political interests, rather than on the needs of the Gagauz people.»   

A lawmaker of the Liberal Democratic Party, Petru Vlah, has already asked the Moldovan Information and Security Service to appraise the statements of the GPA.  

Adapted from Infotag