Education Ministry, UNICEF Moldova launch inclusive education promoting campaign

The Moldovan children with special needs have the chance to be more easily integrated in the educational system. The strategy is part of the «Vino cu mine, scoala e si pentru tine!»(Come with me, school is for you too!) national campaign, launched by the Education Ministry on April 30, with the UNICEF Moldova’s support.

The organisers said that they wanted the campaign’s messages to reach each class throughout Moldova. Thus, the campaign will provide for the organisation of seminars and discussion groups with pupils, parents and teachers, in order to promote, at national level, the dialogue on the importance of the educational inclusion. «A successful inclusion of these children in schools depends on their integration capacity, as well as on the capacity of families and schools to back this integration,» acting Education Minister Maia Sandu said.

According to the UNICEF Moldova’s data, over 5,800 children with special needs all over Moldova do not go to school. The figure is even higher as regards children with disabilities, who attend school, but are marginalised by their colleagues, teachers and parents.

In 2013, 40 per cent of the Moldovan schools will be adjusted to the necessities of children with special needs in order to facilitate their access to educational system. Teachers will also be trained on the matter as to ensure an appropriate development of the campaign.

According to the statistic data, over 16,000 children with disabilities are registered in Moldova at the moment. Almost 3,500 of them are aged up to 7 years old.

This campaign is part of the national inclusive education programme for 2001-2020, worked out and implemented by the Moldovan government.

Adapted from Moldpres