Opening of the season in Eupatoria: «Parade of epochs»

On May 1-2 Eupatoria will open the holiday season. The main «zest» of the event will be the grand «Parade of epochs» - mass folk festival dedicated to the city’s lengthy history.

At 10 a.m. a costumed historical procession will start on Theatre Square. This procession will show all stages of Eupatoria’s historical development.

At noon a new city mineral water pump-room «Kerkinitida» will be officially opened on Duvanovskaya street.

At 5 p.m.: opening of a museum «Pirates of the Black Sea».

At 5.30 p.m. a theatrical performance «Parade of epochs» will be held on the city’s main square with participation of the city’s creative collectives. About 400 artists will take part in the performance.

At the end of the evening spectators will have a chance to watch a street performance «Gloria» staged by Spiritual Theatre «Resurrection» from Lvov. The first day will end with a concert of popular Crimean artists and fireworks.

The celebration will continue on May 2. This day the VIth Eupatoria Open Championship of live statues will be held. In the evening a street performance «The Cherry Orchard» will be staged by Spiritual Theatre «Resurrection» from Lvov at Theatre square.

English translation by BSN