Cocor Spa externalizes management of spa unit in Romania’s seaside resort Neptun to Eden Spa

Romanian spa operator Eden Spa recently signed a management contract to run Cocor Spa in the Neptun seaside resort in Romania. Cocor Spa will receive a EUR 500,000 investment in the following period, and the medical spa and wellness facility in Neptun will re-open under the new concept on May 1.

«In recent years, the crisis was also felt on the high end spa segment, which had been continuously fueled by local businesses, which used to bring clients. This is why I believe repositioning on the health segment is a real opportunity for the market, as people became more interested in this rather than in simple pampering,» said Liliana Paraipan, general manager of Eden Spa.

The new concept which will be implemented by Ende Spa at Cocor Spa in Neptun will focus on detoxing body and mind, chronic pain reduction programs, programs to eliminate physical and mental stress, anti-aging programs and sleep disorder reduction therapies. The owners of the spa thus hope to position their facility in Neptun as a go-to-place for foreigners who come to the Romanian seaside every year.

Cocor Spa is located in the seaside report Neptun-Olimp within the Cocor Spa hotel and covers 3,000 sqm. It was opened in 2009, following an investment of EUR 6 million, in 25 spa rooms on three floors.

Eden Spa was set up in 2005 and now runs three units, two in Bucharest and one in Sibiu. Two more are under construction in Sighisoara and Timisoara.

Adapted from Romania-insider