Romanian royal train likely to make rd.150,000 euros, in 2013

The royal train is expected to bring revenues worth about 150,000 euros, in 2013, and is likely to make a considerable contribution to the recovery of the Railway Tourism Company (SFT), currently insolvent, SFT special administrator Octavian Covali said.

According to him the royal train can be booked for tourism events, film making and products promotion, the rental costs being assessed for each journey.

«For instance, a one-day trip to Sinaia will cost about 11,000 euros plus VAT. It is an ordered trip, namely the journey starts when the clients wish, it halts where they want to, and the events are staged at their request, so I believe the price is not high,» Covali said.

SFT official explained that the royal train has been asked to be hired for tourism purposes since Sept. 2012.

The royal train has been already rented for film shoot and more three are ordered, in 2013.

Some of the revenues the royal train brings are spent on its maintenance, which is very expensive, and the rest pays the Company's necessities.'

The SFT official added that the train's maintenance costs are high.

«The train is expected to enter a regular repair program that happens every ten years, which amounts to rd. 5,000 euros per wagon, and as there are five carriages, it totals 25 or 30 thousand euros,» Covali stressed.

The royal train was finished and started running in 1928. It was a presidential train over 1949 and the 70ies, when the new presidential train was inaugurated.

Many personalities, such as Romania's Royal Family, above all, King Carol I, King Mihai, the Queen Mother traveled by the train, and it became a presidential train, after 1949.

Transport Ministry through the National Railway Training Center (CENAFER) and the Railway Tourism Company in cooperation with the Education Ministry, on Monday, launched the educational programme dubbed Know more about the railway history and Romania's Royal Train, about the Railway Museum. Be better with the environment, traveling by train.' The Project is developed over April 1-7, part in the Know More , Be Better Week.

During this time span , you can visit the Royal Train at the 14t line in the Bucharest-based North Railway Station, and the Railway Museum, nearby, between 9 a.m. - 7 p.m.

Adapted from Romania-insider


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