Moldovan electric power operator requests 14-per-cent increase in energy price for consumers

The Gas Natural Fenosa joint stock company requests to the Chisinau-based Agency for Energy Regulation (ANRE) to increase by 14 per cent the energy tariffs to electric power for population and businessmen connected to the low-voltage networks.

The Gas Natural Fenosa company requires for the application of an increased price to power supplied to final consumers, based on the supplied voltage level,« the company’s press release reads. Thus, for consumers connected to the low-voltage distribution lines of 0.4 KW, »it is requested a 14-per-cent increase in price. As regards other voltage levels, the new supply prices are established based on a different per cent».

The above mentioned request «was addressed by the company due to the increase in the tariff components and namely: in electric power purchase price, and in power transportation service price, by 3 per cent and by 4.5 per cent, respectively». The power operator also considers that it should also be taken into account «the difference in rise of the exchange rate, including of the 286 million lei investments of the Gas Natural Fenosa company in Moldova in 2012, which have mostly been directed to renovation and modernization of the distribution networks». The company requests for the adjustment of distribution and supply costs, inclusively because the sector accumulated debts of 59 million lei towards the enterprise.

The Gas Natural Fenosa company in Moldova announced two days ago that it had signed new contracts of electric power acquisition with two suppliers at the old price of 6.9 cents per kilowatt/hour.

The last rise in tariffs to electric power, supplied by Gas Natural Fenosa, was approved in March 2012, when the price for consumers was increased by 6.8 per cent, from 148 bani to 158 bani per kWh. The company asked for an average increase of 9 per cent.

ANRE representatives said that the RED Nord and RED Nord-Vest (local electric power operators), which had concluded contracts at old import prices, had not submitted yet any application on tariff increase.

Adapted from Moldpres