Moldovan diplomatic passport holders may go to Qatar without visas

The holders of Moldovan diplomatic passports will enjoy going to Qatar without entry visas, as per the Agreement concluded between the Governments of Moldova and Qatar on canceling the visa regime for such holders, ratified by the Moldovan Parliament on March 29.     

The document stipulates that visa regime shall be cancelled also for the holders of Qatar special passports, in particular members of the Royal Family of Qatar. Visitors will be permitted to stay in the destination country without visas for up to 90 days.   

Communist MP Artur Resetnicov ironically congratulated the Moldovan diplomacy with «a gigantic achievement», and the ruling Alliance for European Integration – with the meeting of their electoral pledge concerning a visa-free regime, but wondered when the Moldovan grassroots, not only highly-paid Moldovan diplomats and top officialdom, will start traveling without visas.   

Acting Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration Andrei Popov, who presented the bill, stressed that Ukraine had concluded such agreement with Qatar earlier than Moldova.    

Speaker Marian Lupu offered an opinion that «the Agreement with Qatar is strategically important for Moldova». According to the Moldovan Border Police, however, the Republic of Moldova was visited by 10 (ten) citizens of Qatar in 2012.      

On March 29, the Moldovan Parliament ratified also the Agreement signed Between the Governments of Moldova and Qatar on mutual promotion and protection of investments, and an Agreement with Belgium in the social security field.   

The Moldovan deputies approved also amendments to the Stockholm Convention of Persistent Organic Pollutants. 

Adapted from Infotag