Japanese company interested in opening waste management plant in Moldova

The Japanese company Mitsui Co. Ltd displayed interest in opening a waste processing plant in the Republic of Moldova. Representatives of the Japanese company made this statement at a meeting with acting Minister of Environment, Gheorghe Salaru.      

The Japanese guests spoke about the construction project, as well as about the efficiency and safety of the waste handling plant. During several days, the Japanese experts will survey the proposed construction sites in Straseni and Ungheni and then, will announce about the results and plans for the future and will continue the negotiations.   

It is expected that the plant will process daily up to 10 tons of waste. In the absence of waste, the plant will process biomass in order to produce energy. The Japanese company carried out a similar project in Serbia.   

In Moldova, the project is to be implemented within the frameworks of a public-private partnership.

Adapted from Infotag