Turkey plans to make railways accessible to the private sector

The bill, submitted to the Turkish Parliament by the Government on March 6, provides for the right of the private sector to invest into country’s railways – the sphere, which has been under the Government monopoly for a number of years.

If the bill is approved, legal entities will be able to build their own railway infrastructure and to be its operators. They will also manage the movement of trains along the national railway network.

Turkish Minister of Transport Binali Jyldyrym has stated the following: “Railways will still belong to the State, but all those, who wish, will be allowed to use them just like airports and highways. The right of access will be granted for a period of 49 years.

All proceeds will be sent for construction of new tracks for high-speed trains.

By 2023 Turkey plans to build 10 thousand km of railways for high-speed trains, which will connect 15 cities. The total length of railways will grow from 11 to 25.5 thousand km.

Adapted from:Анталия Сегодня

English translation by BSNews


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