Greece expects 17 million tourists in 2013

Greek experts make optimistic forecasts for the tourism season of 2013.

According to Austrian tour operators, the number of reservations for Greek destinations has already grown by 20% against the 2012 data.

Tourists from Holland and Belgium are next in the list of Greece fans. Certain recession can be seen at the Dutch market, while the Belgian one has shown a boom of reservations for Greek destinations. According to expectations, the number of tourists will rise by approximately 45%, with Crete getting the major preference.

Britain and Germany are still the basis of the inbound tourism for Greece. According to travel organizations, the number of reservations has grown by 20%. The list of top British destinations in Greece for 2013 includes the following: Kalymnos, Telendos, Peloponnese, Nafplio, and, as usual, Kerkyra, Rhodes, and Crete.

In 2013 Greece expects a total of approximately 17 million tourists. Greeks also see a great potential in new markets – Russia, Ukraine, and Balkan countries.

Adapted from: Russian Athens
English translation by BSNews