Bucharest in top 20 European cities with the most friendly and professional hotel staff

Romanian capital has reached the top 20, ranked 19th with 7.89 points out of 10.

According to the study, the list of the best cities for families with children includes Budapest (Hungary) and Helsinki (Finland) – 8.36 points, then Ljubljana (Slovenia) – 8.31. The top-5 list also includes Warsaw (Poland) and Berlin (Germany).

20 best cities are located mostly in the Eastern, Northern, and Central Europe. Athens (ranked 18th) is the only true Mediterranean city in the rating, while the capital of Croatia (Zagreb) is ranked 10th.

The top 20 list has no Spanish, French, and Italian cities. Among quite few Western Europe cities there are Lisbon (Portugal), ranked 6th, and Dublin (Ireland), ranked 11th. Sophia, the capital of Bulgaria, is ranked 9th.

Adapted from Romania today
English translation by BSNews