Port Yuzhny to become the largest Black Sea deep water port

The Ukrainian Government has commenced the implementation of the ports’ modernization program with the aim to enhance their competitiveness, SeafarersJournal reports.

The access duct of the Yuzhny Port will be deepened and, therefore, by 2015 it will become the largest deep water port. Such decision will set up new perspectives for the development of the Ukrainian transport industry.

According to the Ukrainian Vice-Prime-Minister Alexander Vilkul, the first stage of implementation of this program will include the construction of the first and second part of the marine access duct and the new third part. As a result, the port will be able to receive vessels with the deadweight of 200 thousand tons.

The modernization of the Ukrainian will result in not only the enhancement of the country’s transport potential, but also in creation of new jobs.

English translation by BSN