Moldovan speaker chaired meeting on state savings bank’s situation

Moldovan Parliament Speaker Marian Lupu chaired  on February 13  a special meeting in Chisinau on the situation of the state savings bank Banca de Economii (BEM). Attending the meeting were representatives of the National Bank of Moldova, Moldovan Banks Association, National Commission of Financial Market and the Deposits Guarantee Fund, the parliament’s communication and media relations department has reported.

During the meeting, the officials spoke about the current situation and activity of the BEM.

Besides the government, which controls the BEM, Lupu said the parliament must also take efforts in order to investigate the situation. According to Lupu, the parliament must urgently back the solutions suggested by the BEM's managers in order to settle the problem. The Moldovan speaker said the problem should be calmly approached, as the situation of the BEM is rather critical and needs settlement. “The bank’s manager, on behalf of the government, must urgently come up with solutions that would address and settle these problems. Moreover, a number of solutions that have been already suggested, must be implemented,” Lupu said.

The parliament speaker mentioned it is necessary to take rather specific actions in order to save time and translate these actions into draft laws that would subsequently be submitted to the parliament. At last, the Moldovan parliament will adopt the necessary suggestions and solutions, whereas the government must approve them as soon as possible.

According to Lupu, authorities must make sure that large financial injections, which the state might have to provide in order to save the BEM, actually improve the bank’s situation instead of being aimlessly spent.

Marian Lupu also spoke about the need to appoint the members of the investigation commission on the BEM’s case during the first meeting of the parliament’s spring-summer session. Lupu also noted that the BEM’s problem, as regards the bad-credits portfolio, has started during an electoral campaign in autumn 2010.

Adapted from MOLDPRES


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