95.2 million UAH provided for in the Crimea in 2013 for road repairs

Approximately 91.5 million UAH have been stipulated by the subvention from the State Budget to local budgets for construction, reconstruction, repairs, and maintenance of the communal ownership streets and roads in the Crimean settlements.

More than 39.1 million out of this amount have been planned for road repairs in 11 cities and approximately 21.3 million UAH – in 14 districts of the Autonomy.

Also more than 31 million UAH have been stipulated for road repairs in the Crimean budget.

In addition to that, more than 3.8 million UAH have been stipulated for these purposes from the funds of the Republican budget special fund.

166.9 million UAH were spent for the Crimean road repairs in 2012.

English translation by BSN